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“You’d be surprised how easy it is to make the most reclusive people happier and more social with food.”

Anh Dao Pham

Food has the amazing ability to make people happy, which is why I tend to offer food to my teams every chance I get. I keep a candy bowl at my desk. I know everyone’s snack preferences and favorite foods because I believe it’s important to keep my teams well-fed during any major push. I am also a huge fan of potlucks, not only because of my foodie tendencies, but also because I love the sense of community I feel when I’m sharing home-cooked food with friends and family.

Recipes also have a special place in my heart because they are a prime example of synthesizing information—Taking verbal instructions from your mom and writing them down sequentially so that you can cook a fantastic dish is great practice. When you synthesize well and execute based on what you learned, you get a tasty finished product. When you synthesize incorrectly, you end up delivering an unsuccessful project (and inedible food).

I hope you enjoy these delicious recipes. I’m sharing two favorites first but will share more of my crowd-pleasers over time (or upon request).

Anh’s Favorite Recipes

Anh’s Chicken Pho

A Vietnamese family recipe that I’ve perfected over time and cooked at many a pho-ker night.

Anh’s Famous Brown Sugar Kielbasa

This is my go-to recipe for team potlucks. Two ingredients, super easy, feeds a crowd and always a huge hit.