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Glue offers a rare gift to project managers. It artfully blends specific step-by-step recommendations of how to move from project management to project leadership with the psychological rationale for taking those steps.” 

Robert B. Cialdini, Bestselling author of Influence and Pre-Suasion, Regents’ Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University
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“A valuable, humanistic perspective on leading projects.”

Kirkus Reviews

What industry executives are saying about Glue

“Emerging from the pandemic, organizations need leaders who unlock the creativity and engagement of their teams by building strong, personal emotional connections. In Glue, Anh Dao Pham vividly brings compassionate, positive, nimble leadership to life, demonstrating with actionable guidance, the power of caring and connection to inspire outstanding results.”

Peter Steinlauf, Founder of

“If you’ve ever led a project, go out and buy this book. It’s wonderfully practical and specific, making it extremely useful. Anh Dao Pham has distilled a lifetime of experience and best practices into a guide for those who lead others in getting things done. From sticky-note roadmap meetings to ice-breaking candy jars, this book is full of ready-to-go advice that I find myself already putting to use.”

Daniel Yates, Executive Chairman Dandelion Energy, Climate Tech Investor, Founder and CEO of Opower

“No authority? No problem. Finally a business for you, not the CEO. Glue shows the rest of us how to create and harness influence to lead an organization to success, even without formal authority.”

Nick Gorton, Chief Innovation Officer of

“Anh redefined the constellation of roles around delivery of complex and critical projects for me.  While your first choice for learning how to become stronger at delivering projects should be to choose to go work with her, reading, absorbing and playing with the strategy and tactics shared in this book until they are your own will accelerate your path to impact.  Over a decade after starting to work with Anh, I continue to see echoes in my day to day activities tracing back to projects that we worked on together.  Read this book, make some friends at work and go change the world.”

Devin Dawson, Engineering Manager at Meta

“Anh’s infectious enthusiasm for empowering teams and leaders comes to life in this engaging read that delivers the blueprint for mastering the extreme sport of project management with the clarity, insight and impact of a true project leader.”

Lisa Murison, General Counsel of Bird Global, Inc., and former EVP of Operations, Chief Legal & People Officer of, Inc.

“Truly a must-read for anyone who plans to lead teams of people to get important things done! In Glue, Anh generously reveals the trade secrets that have made her a one-of-a-kind superstar in leading teams to perform their absolute best and smash their goals.”

Eugene Park, Chief Product Officer of

“Pham’s Glue is a welcome break from certification-driven books on Project Management.  It’s a page-turning playbook on getting big things done with working professionals. Definitely read this book to get valuable insights on how to lead and inspire teams on a daily basis.”

Rick Oliver, VP of Product & Program Management, Experian

“This book isn’t just for project managers. In Glue, Anh Dao Pham shares proven methods anyone can apply to manage friction within teams, promote collaboration, drive engagement and navigate change to simply deliver results. No matter what your role, Glue will make you a more effective contributor in your organization.”

Richard Tang, VP of Insights & Analytics at Ticketmaster, and former SVP Global Consumer Insights & Data Analytics at 21st Century Fox

“In Glue, Anh Dao Pham lays out techniques to support teams in a truly revelatory fashion. By itself, being excellent at rapid note-taking seems handy, but not decisive. When Anh shares how to wield foundational skills like note-taking to enable a host of other concerns– from running effective meetings to managing inter-team handoffs– a lightbulb turns on. I wish I’d had this book when I was starting my last company!”

John Fries, Co-founder and CTO of System1

An Essential Guide for Project Leaders

How many books have you read on project management? On leadership? Too many, right? But no other book combines the practice of project management and leadership into one balanced approach—except this book.

You don’t need ‘Project Manager’ in your title to employ the lessons in this book. You can be any person on any team who has stepped up to take a leadership role on a critical initiative. You can be interested in learning how to guide teams in any organization to achieve a goal.

The author’s methods have been battle-tested against real technology projects. Her insight and vision reach beyond theory into application and can be used immediately regardless of the length, scope, or phase of your project—whether it’s planning a wedding, remodeling a home, or leading a team in a major website revamp or product launch or company start-up.

You’ll learn—
• How to get started when you don’t know much—yet
• How to lay a solid foundation for your project
• How to support a project and a team that’s in flight
• How to make the work more than a project

You’ll learn the critical blend of management and leadership skills that will make you indispensable to any project. You’ll learn what it takes to become the binding agent—the glue—that creates cohesive, engaged, high-performing project teams.