February 1, 2023

How To Be Awesome At Your Job Podcast

Listen to Pete Mockaitis and Anh talk about the one essential question to get any project moving, an overlooked skill that boosts project success rates, and the two things you need to align people with your goals.

Anh Dao Pham – How to be Awesome At Your Job (Episode 836)

September 3, 2022

Language of Leadership Podcast

What an honor to be a guest on the Language of Leadership podcast, whose mission it is to provide teenagers exposure to role models and leaders.

Language of Leadership Podcast - Anh Dao Pham
Language of Leadership Podcast – Anh Dao Pham

July 4, 2022

Curious Minds at Work Podcast

What is the game-changing difference between a project manager and a project leader? To find out, listen to the latest Curious Minds at Work podcast from Gayle Allen, Ed.D., MBA and me!  

Curious Minds at Work Podcast
Curious Minds at Work Podcast– This Week’s Guest: Anh Dao Pham

June 30, 2022

Built In LA Interview

What is it like to work with me at Edmunds? Read this feature from Built In LA to learn about our team culture.

Edmunds Lobby
The lobby at Edmunds HQ in Santa Monica, CA

June 14, 2022

Phil Simon’s Podcast

Are project managers a necessity or an efficiency? How do you get remote teams to collaborate using the same tools? If you’re curious to hear the answers, listen to this week’s podcast from Phil Simon 🇺🇦 (award winning author of 12 books including Slack for Dummies and Zoom for Dummies.) In this podcast, Phil and little old me duke it out on various project management topics. 

Conversations about Collaboration Podcast
Conversations about Collaboration Podcast– This Week’s Guest: Anh Dao Pham

April 30, 2022

Accelerating Women at Edmunds

What wisdom could I possibly have to share with my fellow women at Edmunds? More than I thought! Read this feature to learn my simple framework for making decisions, what I gleaned from the biggest mistake in my career, and how I approach the problem of re-energizing an overworked team.

AWE Spotlight: Anh Dao Pham
Accelerating Women at Edmunds– Spotlight: Anh Dao Pham, VP of Product & Program Management

April 19, 2022

Super Creativity Podcast

As we emerge from the pandemic, organizations need leaders who can unlock creativity, get projects done, and engage their teams by building strong, personal emotional connections. How can project leaders fill that void? Listen to James Taylor and me debate that very topic.

SuperCreativity Podcast: Anh Dao Pham
James Taylor’s SuperCreativity Podcast– Guest: Anh Dao Pham

March 17, 2022

Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews was established in 1933 and is one of the most well-known, established sources of professional book reviews. Kirkus has a reputation for independence and frankness, and provides no guarantee of a positive review. 

Glue was submitted to Kirkus for a review prior to its release date in March. To my delight, Glue received praise from Kirkus being “a valuable, humanistic view on leading projects.”

Not sure if you want to buy Glue? Read what Kirkus had to say.

Kirkus Reviews: Glue by Anh Dao Pham
Kirkus Reviews: Glue by Anh Dao Pham