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Anh Dao Pham was born in Sacramento, California, the youngest child of Vietnamese immigrants and the first native-born United States citizen in her family. When Anh was in first grade, her teacher sent home her report card with a note that read, “She could be President someday!” Her parents never forgot it. Anh was always encouraged to reach high and to take leadership roles in school and work.

Anh (pronounced like Ann) graduated as valedictorian from Bella Vista High. She received a BS in math/applied science (cum laude) from the University of California, Los Angeles where she was also a calculus tutor. After college, Anh worked for Fortune 500 companies as an information technology consultant at Deloitte Consulting and eLoyalty. She delivered over one hundred projects for Ticketmaster, including integration projects with iTunes, Major League Baseball, and American Express. She was an early hire at Opower, a green-tech start-up that later IPO’d and was acquired by Oracle.

Anh is currently Vice President, Product & Program Management at Edmunds. She has been integral to virtually every major product development initiative in the last ten years, including the projects that led to the acquisition of CarCodeSMS by Edmunds (2014) and the acquisition of Edmunds by CarMax (2021). She was the recipient of two peer-nominated awards for her work—the Edmunds V12 Award (2013) and a Blueboard Award (2017). At her ten-year anniversary, Anh was described as someone who exemplifies servant leadership. “So while her list of personal accomplishments is impressive,” her boss shared, “you will never see her shine the spotlight on herself. So it is fitting that what she is best known for at Edmunds has been the consistent ability to help those around her achieve at their highest potential.”

She is an avid reader (romance, self-help, and business) and has a goal to read a book a week. On the weekends, you can find her rollerblading at the beach, gallivanting at amusement parks with her kids, and cooking Vietnamese soups so that she can host dinners for family and friends. Anh is also a certified yoga instructor who is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Anh lives with her husband and two children in Los Angeles, California. Glue is Anh’s first book.